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Findynamics, French Fintech dedicated to professionals

Thanks to an innovative platform that integrates algorithms and decision-making tools (more specifically SysperTec’s Synapse tool and its efficiency in analyzing legal and financial data), Findynamics facilitates the relationship between professionals and lenders: it accelerates the processing of businesses’ financing appliances and helps banks to capture targeted and qualified leads.

1Pro1Crédit, a service in partnership with Infogreffe

Totally free, 1Pro1Crédit allows submitting in just a few clicks a professional financing project, maximizing chances of an agreement with the best available conditions. The platform is in charge of collecting information about the company (from the legally binding Infogreffe database) and preparing the financing report, which will be submitted to the largest financial institutions.
For lending organisms, the partnership with 1Pro1Crédit allows targeting professional prospects, ensuring better productivity on the examination of files and gaining in commercial responsiveness. The largest banks, financial institutions and crowdfunding actors already are partners of Findynamics.

Findynamics, publisher of the Data Management Platform (DMP)

Thanks to state-of-the-art technological tools, Findynamics industrializes the process of advanced analysis of files, beyond financial data.

Comprehensive file analysis: validation of declarative data, collection of external multi-source data, project analysis, analysis of the manager, financial analysis, socio-economic analysis, competitive analysis.

Optimized file retrieval: validation of the transmission according to your eligibility criteria, transmission in secure mode (web service or SFTP server), formats and customizable presentations.


Business information and data analysis, essential to financing decision-making (illustration)