SDS: z/OS platforms dedicated tools

Mainframe network, encryption & security solutions, enterprise-wide

Syspertec Group and Software Diversified Services (SDS), North-American major z/OS solutions vendor, both agree that mainframe systems remain at the heart of IT infrastructures. Aware that efficient and cost saving modernization coupled with solid data security are fundamental to the platform and organizations that depend on it, they decided on a cross-partnership to bring the best in z Systems software and tech support to both continents.

Syspertec Group now distributes SDS’ solutions, more particularly the VitalSigns software Suite for monitoring and automation and the E-Business Server solution for cross-platform data encryption, to the European market (except Italy).

Explore the SDS products distributed by Syspertec Group:

VitalSigns NAC

Alternative to legacy mainframe network and system monitors, at a significantly lower cost, with a free IP network monitor.

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VitalSigns IP

Monitor both the z/OS Communications Server and the mainframe network with this complete, intuitive and efficient tool.

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VitalSigns FTP

Easily secured and encrypted critical FTP transfers: no need of editing or code-testing legacy z/OS batch jobs ever again.

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E-Business Server

Ironclad security for this top-rate OpenPGP encryption tool.

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VitalSigns Siem Agent

Easily add z/OS events to SIEM.

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