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Our software solutions are developed in our Saint-Cloud lab.

Syspertec Group’s brands & companies

Syspertec Group’s business areas are centered on two main domains:

IBM z & i Systems

Virtel square logo Agile protocol converter, Virtel acts as a gateway allowing legacy applications on z Systems and the web to communicate.
Blondeau Informatique square logo Focusing on businesses’ inherited software assets, Blondeau Informatique’s services and training programs for IBM z System’s customers ensure their long-term availability.
IPLS square logo French software publisher as well, IPLS develops communication and EDI tools for IBM i Systems (AS400).
JVL square logo JVL distributes and integrates security and productivity-oriented software. JVL supplies solutions for DBMS migration, It optimization of Large z Systems, IBMi and distributed system.


Synapse square logo Synapse, legal and financial data broker, helps implementing a very optimized information collection and customer knowledge processes management.